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State Rural Health Associations


State Offices of Rural Health and Rural Health Associations Directory
Brief overview of State Offices of Rural Health (SORH) grant program. Directory contact information for each SORH, as well as additional state rural health contacts, state rural health association contacts, and national rural health contacts.
Sponsoring organization: Office of Rural Health Policy


Alabama Rural Health Association (ARHA)
Phone: 334.546.3502
Strives to preserve and enhance the health of the rural citizens of Alabama.

Arizona Rural Health Association, Inc. (AzRHA)
Phone: 800.390.8004
Advocates on behalf of the health needs of rural Arizonans at national, state and local levels.

Florida Rural Health Association (FRHA)
Phone: 368.462.1551
Advocates for policy initiatives that strengthen healthcare services in Florida's rural communities.

Georgia Rural Health Association (GRHA)
Phone: 478.552.3620
The oldest state rural health association in the country which is committed to the improvement of health and healthcare services of rural Georgians.

Hawaii State Rural Health Association (HSRHA)
Phone: 808.928.6140
Also includes three county-based Rural Health Associations: Hawaii Island, Kauai, and Maui. Provides communication, education, and research opportunities related to rural health issues in Hawaii and provides leadership in developing healthy rural communities.

Idaho Rural Health Association (IRHA)
Phone: 208.282.4436
Committed to the health and welfare of rural Idahoans and populations through establishing access to appropriate and equitable health care services and to assist its members in providing leadership on rural issues through advocacy, communications, education, evidence-based research and community health education.

Illinois Rural Health Association (IRHA)
Phone: 217.670.2862
Works to improve access to health care for rural Illinois residents through education programs, legislative advocacy, public awareness, and networking. Focuses on rural EMS, rural access to mental health services, serving the uninsured, rural access to oral health services, and medical liability on rural areas.

Indiana Rural Health Association (IRHA)
Phone: 812.478.3919
Works to improve the health and well-being of rural communities in Indiana. Provides information on critical access hospitals, emergency preparedness, Indiana Statewide Rural Health Network (InSRHN), Indiana Telehealth Network, Indiana Rural Health Information Technology Education Network (IRHITEN), and rural health clinics. Provides conferences and educational opportunities.

Iowa Rural Health Association (IRHA)
Phone: 515.282.8192
Serves as the voice for rural health in Iowa. Identifies and addresses rural health issues, provides educational opportunities, facilitates information sharing, and works to provide access to rural health services.

Kentucky Rural Health Association (KRHA)
Phone: 606.439.3557, ext. 83689
Educates providers and consumers on rural health issues and advocates actions by private and public leaders to assure equitable access to health care for rural Kentuckians.

Louisiana Rural Health Association (LRHA)
Phone: 985.369.3813
Serves as a unified voice for the promotion of rural health care through advocacy, education, and leadership.

Maryland Rural Health Association (MRHA)
Phone: 410.302.4650
Focuses on developing a broad-based grassroots advocacy effort on rural health issues in Maryland.

Minnesota Rural Health Association (MRHA)
Phone: 218.281.8323
Brings together diverse interests to address rural health issues and advocates for and with rural Minnesotans.

Mississippi Rural Health Association (MRHA)
Phone: 601.898.3001
Provides support and leadership for improvement in the health status of rural Mississippians through education, communication and collaboration.

Missouri Rural Health Association (MRHA)
Works to improve the health of rural Missourians. Provides leadership on rural issues through advocacy, communication, education, and research.

Nebraska Rural Health Association (NeRHA)
Phone: 402.421.2356
Provides leadership on rural health issues through advocacy, communication, and education. Provides a forum to address rural health concerns and develop and promote effective solutions at the local, state, and national levels. Provides information on Nebraska rural health clinics.

New England Rural Health RoundTable (NERHRT)
Phone: 802.453.5475
Composed of a diverse group of individuals and organizations committed to improving health and health care throughout rural New England communities. Serves as a regional rural health advocate for Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

New Mexico Health Resources, Inc. (NMHR)
Phone: 505.260.0993 or 800.288.6930
A private, non-profit agency organized to support efforts to recruit and retain healthcare personnel in New Mexico. Also operates as the New Mexico Rural Health Association.

New York State Association for Rural Health (NYSARH)
Phone: 607.562.2169
Leads and collaborates on issues that affect the health, welfare and well-being of rural New York residents.

Oregon Rural Health Association (ORHA)
Phone: 503.473.6728
Works to improve the health of rural Oregonians by providing leadership on rural health issues through advocacy, communication and education.

Rural Health Association of Oklahoma (RHAO)
Phone: 580.213.3172
Promotes rural health issues through advocacy, education and leadership.

Rural Health Association of Utah (RHAU)
Phone: 435.865.8453
Provides a unified voice to promote and enhance the quality of rural health through leadership, advocacy, coalition building, education, and to affect policy and legislation.

Tennessee Rural Health Association (RHAT)
Phone: 615.907.9707
The Rural Health Association of Tennessee works to improve the policies and practices of health programs and services in Tennessee.

Texas Rural Health Association (TRHA)
Phone: 512.873.0045
Works to improve the health of rural Texans. Composed of individuals and organizations dedicated to providing leadership on rural health care issues through advocacy, communication, and education.

Virginia Rural Health Association (VRHA)
Phone: 540.231.7923
Strives to improve the health of Virginia's rural residents by providing care, and planning for the delivery of care and health care services.

Washington Rural Health Association (WRHA)
Phone: 509.358.7653
Advocates for enhanced access, quality and stability for rural health services throughout Washington.

West Virginia Rural Health Association (WVRHA)
Phone: 304.890.7017
Works to improve the health status and health care of rural West Virginians through education and advocacy.

Wyoming Health Resources Network Inc. (WHRN)
Phone: 307.635.2930 or 307.630.2112
Dedicated to improving rural health in Wyoming. Composed of the state's leaders in health care working to support efforts to recruit and retain health care providers in Wyoming while encouraging healthy communities.

Phone: 1-800-270-1898

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