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State Rural Health Newsletters

Newsletters produced by the State Offices of Rural Health and state rural health associations

Provides a monthly update for State Offices of Rural Health and NOSORH Partners. Sponsoring organization: National Organization of State Offices of Rural Health

Florida Rural Health Association Newsletter
Online newsletter of the Florida Rural Health Association. Newsletter accessible from association website. Sponsoring organization: Florida Rural Health Association

Georgia Rural Health Association Newsletter
Provides articles on education and advocating for rural Georgia. Sponsoring organization: Georgia Rural Health Association

Idaho - Frontier Footnotes Archive
Published three times a year. Includes news from the Idaho State Office of Rural Health and Primary Care, the Idaho Rural Health Association, and the Idaho Area Health Education Center. Sponsoring organization: Idaho Area Health Education Center

Indiana - News You Can Use
Monthly newsletter of the Indiana Rural Health Association (IRHA). Sponsoring organization: Indiana Rural Health Association

Iowa - Swatches
Quarterly newsletter of the Iowa Rural Health Association. Offers news and information on legislative issues. IRHA sends timely news bulletins regularly through the members-only listserv, issues dated 2007 and earlier are available on the web. Sponsoring organization: Iowa Rural Health Association

Kansas - Public Health Connections
Published monthly. Provides public health and rural health news from across the state. Distributed to all county health departments, school nurses, state health, and community public health workforce. Sponsoring organization: Kansas Department of Health and Environment

Maryland - Primary Care and Rural Health Newsletter
Contains articles, events and news about Maryland primary care and rural health issues. Sponsoring organization: Maryland Office of Rural Health

Michigan - Michigan Rural Health Quarterly
Quarterly newsletter containing events, articles, news, updates, and more. Sponsoring organization: Michigan Center for Rural Health

Minnesota - Monthly Update
Monthly newsletter containing articles, news, events from the Minnesota Department of Health. Sponsoring organization: Minnesota Department of Health - Office of Rural Health and Primary Care

Minnesota - MN Quarterly
Quarterly newsletter containing articles, news, events from the Minnesota Department of Health. Sponsoring organization: Minnesota Department of Health - Office of Rural Health and Primary Care

Mississippi - Crossroads
Quarterly newsletter, combining the news of the Mississippi Rural Health Association Mississippi State Office of Rural Health and the Mississippi Area Health Education Centers. Sponsoring organization: Mississippi Rural Health Association

Montana - Montana Primary Care Office Newsletter
Communicates information to CHCs, RHCs, NHSC sites and other partners regarding shortage designation activities, NHSC, and J-1 activities. Sponsoring organization: Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services

Nebraska - Access
Offers information on current news, events, and issues related to Nebraska's rural health care system. This is the quarterly newsletter of the Nebraska State Office of Rural Health and the Nebraska Rural Health Association. Sponsoring organization: Nebraska Office of Rural Health

Nebraska - NeRHA E-News
Free, monthly newsletter of the NeRHA. Subscription required. Informs on latest issues in rural health at the state and federal levels as well as what is happening with NeRHA. Sponsoring organization: Nebraska Rural Health Association

New England Rural Health News
Newsletter of the New England Rural Health RoundTable which provides news, events and articles on rural health. Sponsoring organization: New England Rural Health RoundTable

North Dakota - Center for Rural Health Updates
Monthly e-newsletter from the Center for Rural Health (CRH) featuring rural health news, funding opportunities, publications, resources, events, and staff news. Sponsoring organization: University of North Dakota Center for Rural Health

Oregon - ORH Newsletter
Electronic newsletter providing information on news, events, funding opportunities, legislation and more. Sponsoring organization: Oregon Office of Rural Health

Pennsylvania Rural Health Magazine
Discusses issues affecting the health status of rural Pennsylvanians. Sponsoring organization: Pennsylvania Office of Rural Health

Virginia - Health Equity Matters
Began as a quarterly newsletter and is now an interactive blog with frequent postings related to various aspects of health care in, or affecting, Virginia. Sponsoring organization: Virginia Department of Health: Office of Minority Health and Health Equity

Virginia - Weekly Updates
Weekly news updates from the Virginia Rural Health Association (VRHA). Sponsoring organization: Virginia Rural Health Association

Washington - WRHA Newsletter
Published six times per year, containing information on events, news, articles and more. Sponsoring organization: Washington Rural Health Association

Wisconsin - Rural Reporter
Publication of the Wisconsin Office of Rural Health. Provides daily updates on rural health funding, plus federal, state, local news, and events. Sponsoring organization: Wisconsin Office of Rural Health

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