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Rural Community Health Gateway

Build What Works

The Rural Community Health Gateway can help you build effective community health programs and improve services you offer. Resources and examples in this Gateway are chosen for effectiveness and adaptability and drawn from programs with a strong history of service and community success. By starting from approaches that are known to be effective, you can make the best use of limited funding and resources.

Evidence-Based Toolkits

  • Care Coordination Toolkit
    Resources and best practices to help you identify and implement a care coordination program.
  • Community Health Workers Toolkit
    Resources to help you develop a community health worker (CHW) program to reach underserved populations, using evidence-based approaches from other rural communities.
  • Mental Health and Substance Abuse Toolkit
    Resources to develop and implement programs to improve community mental health using proven approaches and strategies.
  • Obesity Prevention Toolkit
    Resources to help you develop an obesity prevention program, building on best practices of successful obesity prevention programs.
  • Oral Health Toolkit
    Resources and best practices to help you develop and implement a program to address oral health disparities in your community.

Future Toolkits: Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

Evidence-Based Program Examples

The Rural Health Models and Innovations Hub provides access to program models that have been shown to be effective:

You may also be interested in other collections of program examples from reputable sources, each of which use their own criteria for what types of programs are included.

About the Rural Community Health Gateway

The Rural Community Health Gateway showcases program approaches that you can adapt to fit your community and the people you serve, allowing you to:

  • Research approaches to featured community health programs
  • Discover what works and why
  • Learn about common obstacles
  • Connect with program experts
  • Evaluate your program to show impact

Gateway resources are made available through the NORC Walsh Center for Rural Health Analysis and the University of Minnesota Rural Health Research Center in collaboration with the Rural Assistance Center. Funding is provided by the Office of Rural Health Policy (ORHP), Health Resources and Services Administration.

More Useful Tools

Economic Impact Analysis
Show how your program’s grant funding affects your community’s economic well-being and share this information with sponsors, funders and your community

Planning for Sustainability
Tools to help you plan and position your grant-funded projects so that services can be sustained over the long term.

Rural Health Models and Innovations Hub
Find examples of approaches you can adapt for your program, including models shown to be effective, as well as new and emerging ideas.

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