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Here are 28 recent or important documents focusing on Telehealth. For more on this topic, search all RAC resources.

Building Blocks for Cultural Integration in the Development and Establishment of Rural VA Telemental Health Clinics for Native Veterans
Offers a short overview, plus suggestions and tips for setting up, operating, and maintaining Telemental Health (TMH) Clinics, in the form of live interactive videoconferencing. Released to the web late 2011 - early 2012.
Sponsoring organization: Veterans Rural Health Resource Center Western Region: Native Domain
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Compendium of Rural Best Practices/Models Innovations to Strengthen Rural Health Care: Technology, Quality Improvement, Collaboration, and Training
Summaries of innovative programs occurring in rural areas, featuring a medical home model, a Lean/Six Sigma hospital program, a community health center telehealth program, and a statewide behavioral health network.
Sponsoring organization: National Rural Health Association
Date: 2013
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Creating Telemedicine-Based Medical Networks for Rural and Frontier Areas
Describes a three part approach that can leverage Recovery Act initiatives for launching new technologies that address the needs of medically underserved areas.
Author(s): Leonard R. Graziplene
Date: 2009
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e-Emergency Services Bring Specialists to Rural Patients with the Push of a Button
More and more specialists are available to small hospitals via telemedicine, benefiting patients—and doctors. Highlights Avera eEmergency Services, a hospital-based telemedicine emergency support service available in South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota, and North Dakota.
Author(s): Candi Helseth
Sponsoring organization: Rural Assistance Center
Journal citation: Rural Monitor Volume 2011 Issue Summer
Date: 08/2011
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The Economic Impact of Telemedicine Capability in a Rural Hospital
Seeks to explain some of the most common forms of telemedicine used in rural areas today and determine their importance to the local economy.
Author(s): Brian E. Whitacre, Pamela S. Hartman, Sarah W. Boggs
Sponsoring organization: National Center for Rural Health Works
Date: 12/2007
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Extent of Telehealth Use in Rural and Urban Hospitals
Provides discussion with statistics on the use of telehealth in rural hospitals and the opportunities telehealth can bring to supporting health care in rural communities.
Author(s): Marcia M. Ward, Fred Ullrich, Keith Mueller
Sponsoring organization: RUPRI Center for Rural Health Policy Analysis
Date: 04/2014
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Grantee Profiles FY 2010 - 2011 (Office for the Advancement of Telehealth)
Profiles of Office for the Advancement of Telehealth (OAT) grant projects that promote the use of telehealth technologies for health care delivery, education, and health information services. Includes glossary of telehealth terms.
Sponsoring organization: Office for the Advancement of Telehealth
Date: 2011
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A Guide to Telemedicine: Designing a Hospital-Based Program
Provides small and rural hospitals with step-by-step instructions to develop a telemedicine program in their communities.
Sponsoring organization: Illinois Hospital Association
Date: 01/2013
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Improving Access to Specialized Care: The Telehealth Kidney Transplant Clinic at the Iowa City VAMC
The Telehealth Transplant Clinic at the Iowa City Veterans Affairs Medical Center has been found to reduce travel time for kidney transplant patients by allowing them to receive annual follow-up exams remotely using telehealth services.
Author(s): Roberto Kalil, Christie Thomas, Carol Winetroub, Stacey Abel
Sponsoring organization: Veterans Health Administration's Office of Rural Health
Date: 2013
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Increasing Access to Behavioral Health Care Through Technology
Presents insights shared by a meeting of HRSA-funded health centers convened by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and its Health Resources and Services Administration’s (HRSA) Office of Special Health Affairs on getting a telebehavioral health program operating within their healthcare facilities from initial planning to implementation and growth.
Sponsoring organization: Health Resources and Services Administration
Date: 02/2013
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National Telemedicine Initiatives: Essential to Healthcare Reform
Describes how telemedicine initiatives are an integral part to health reform strategies. Identifies the benefits of telemedicine to rural communities.
Author(s): Rashid L. Bashshur, Gary W. Shannon
Sponsoring organization: American Telemedicine Association
Date: 07/2009
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Practice-Based Versus Telemedicine-Based Collaborative Care for Depression in Rural Federally Qualified Health Centers: A Pragmatic Randomized Comparative Effectiveness Trial
Reports on a research trial comparing practice-based collaborative primary care for depression involving mental health providers on-site to telemedicine-based collaborative primary care with off-site mental health providers.
Author(s): John C. Fortney, Jeffrey M. Pyne, Sip B. Mouden, et al.
Sponsoring organization: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
Journal citation: American Journal of Psychiatry Volume 170 Issue 4 Pages: 414-425
Date: 2012
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Rationale and Design: Telepsychology Service Delivery for Depressed Elderly Veterans
Describes a study and medical trial that will work to provide telepsychology services for depressed, elderly veterans living in rural America.
Author(s): Leonard E. Egede, Christopher B. Frueh, Lisa K. Richardson, et al.
Journal citation: Trials
Date: 04/2009
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The Role of Telehealth in an Evolving Health Care Environment: Workshop Summary
Reports on a HRSA sponsored IOM workshop held in Washington, DC on August 8-9, 2012, that examined how the use of telehealth technology can fit into the U.S. health care system. Chapter 4 considers some of the overarching challenges in telehealth, especially for rural communities. Rural is also mentioned throughout the report.
Author(s): Tracy A. Lustig
Sponsoring organization: Institute of Medicine
Date: 2012
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Role of Telehealth/Videoconferencing in Managing Cancer Pain in Rural American Indian Communities
Results of a study to determine the feasibility and effect of using videoconferencing to deliver cancer-related pain management education and case consultation to health care providers in rural AI/AN communities.
Author(s): Haozous E, Doorenbos AZ, Demiris G, et al.
Journal citation: Psycho-Oncology Volume 21 Issue 2 Pages: 219-223
Date: 02/2012
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Rural Telehealth Capabilities and Outreach Continue to Grow
Telehealth is being used more widely in rural areas, improving patient care for schoolchildren, seniors and every age group in-between.
Author(s): Candi Helseth
Sponsoring organization: Rural Assistance Center
Journal citation: Rural Monitor Volume 2013 Issue Summer
Date: 08/2013
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Streamlining Telemedicine Licensure to Improve Rural America
Provides information and statistics to support advocacy efforts for telemedicine cross-state licensure to improve health care access in rural America.
Author(s): Jarod Giger, Mary DeVany.
Sponsoring organization: National Rural Health Association
Date: 02/2013
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Telecommunications: Projects and Policies Related to Deploying Broadband in Unserved and Underserved Areas
Shares options for broadband deployment in unserved and underserved areas. Identifies alternative approaches to expanding rural broadband and factors to consider when planning a broadband project. Identifies economic, legal, and policy issues. Describes FCC efforts to foster broadband deployment in unserved areas. Appendix includes brief case studies.
Sponsoring organization: Government Accountability Office
Date: 04/2014
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The Telehealth Network Grant Program (TNGP): A Report Summarizing Performance of the TNGP
Summarizes results of the Telehealth Network Grant Program (TNGP), with sections on improving access to needed services, reducing rural practitioner isolation, improving health system productivity and efficiency, and improving patient outcomes.
Sponsoring organization: Office of Rural Health Policy
Date: 01/2013
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Telehealth Resources: An Introduction
Discusses the Telehealth Resource Centers which provide support to healthcare organizations, networks and providers to implement telehealth programs that serve rural and underserved communities.
Sponsoring organization: RUPRI Center for Rural Health Policy Analysis
Date: 02/2014
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Telehealth Services: Rural Health Fact Sheet Series
Contains information on originating sites, distant site practitioners, telehealth services, billing and payment for professional services furnished via telehealth as well as for the originating site facility fee, and a list of helpful websites.
Sponsoring organization: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
Date: 12/2012
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Telehealth Technical Assistance Manual
Provides information to assist in the planning of telehealth and telemedicine projects for rural community and migrant health centers and other health care organizations. Includes a step-by-step telehealth planning process.
Author(s): Samuel G. Burgiss
Sponsoring organization: National Rural Health Association
Date: 10/2006
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Telehealth: Into the Mainstream?
Considers the promise and challenges of telehealth as a tool for addressing health needs with a particular notice to the opportunity to apply telehealth technology in rural America.
Author(s): Lisa Sprague
Sponsoring organization: National Health Policy Forum
Date: 03/2014
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Telemedicine Reaches Beyond Clinic Walls: Network Help Extend Access
Discusses how telemedicine isn't confined to hospitals. It can reach patients in nursing homes, prisons and isolated geographic regions.
Author(s): Candi Helseth
Sponsoring organization: Rural Assistance Center
Journal citation: Rural Monitor Volume 2011 Issue Summer
Date: 08/2011
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Telemedicine Revolutionizing Rural Cancer Treatment
Describes the prevalence and importance of the role telemedicine has in treating cancer patients living in rural areas.
Author(s): Candi Helseth
Sponsoring organization: Rural Assistance Center
Journal citation: Rural Monitor Volume 2008 Issue Fall
Date: 11/2008
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Telemedicine: Changing the Landscape of Rural Physician Practice
Discusses how telemedicine helps rural primary care physicians provide better care and allows specialists to care for patients in rural and underserved areas.
Author(s): Bonnie Darves
Journal citation: The New England Journal of Medicine
Date: 05/2013
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Telemental Health in Today's Rural Health System
Describes the organizational setting, services provided, and staff used in 53 telemental rural health programs. Also outlines the opportunities and challenges for telemental health in the rural health system.
Author(s): David Lambert, John Gale, Anush Y. Hansen, Zach Croll, David Hartley
Sponsoring organization: Maine Rural Health Research Center
Date: 12/2013
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Wireline Competition Bureau Evaluation of Rural Health Care Pilot Program: Staff Report
Discusses the Rural Health Care Pilot Program which has helped health care providers obtain broadband capability to implement telemedicine and telehealth applications.
Sponsoring organization: Federal Communications Commission
Date: 08/2012
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