Tools for Success

Rural Health Models and Innovations Hub

Need ideas for starting or growing your project? Get insights from the experiences of others.

Demonstrating Need & Impact

Tools for grant writing and demonstrating program impact.

  • Am I Rural? - Determine if your program qualifies for support based on differing definitions of rural
  • RAC Custom Mapping - Create maps for grant applications, reports and other publications
  • Economic Impact Analysis - Estimate the impact of your program on your community’s economy
  • Planning for Sustainability - Tools to help you plan and position your grant-funded projects so that services can be sustained over the long term.

What Works

Improve your community with innovation and education

Rural Community Health Gateway
Effective, evidence-based tools and methods:

Rural Training Track Technical Assistance Program
Learn how RTT residency programs can grow the rural health workforce

Testing New Approaches

Learn about rural demonstration projects that test new approaches and models of care.