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Community Vitality and Rural Healthcare

In rural communities, the linkage between healthcare and the vitality of the community is strong. A robust community helps to support and sustain quality health services for its residents by attracting quality healthcare professionals. Communities with more economic resources may also be more likely to financially support their healthcare system through having higher rates of health insurance coverage, through philanthropic giving, and by investing in infrastructure which the healthcare system can leverage. In return, a high quality healthcare system can support economic and community development initiatives. This topic guide focuses on how community and economic development can complement health services in rural areas and how collaboration between the sectors can address issues such as population health.


For tools, training, and technical assistance to measure the economic impact of the healthcare system:

National Center for Rural Health Works
Telephone: 800.927.1115

For technical assistance and funding to support self-sustaining, long-term rural development:

USDA Rural Development
Community Development Programs
Telephone: 202.619.7980

USDA-RD State Office Locator

USDA-RD Service Centers

There are more organizations related to Community Vitality and Rural Healthcare in the organizations section.

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